Officers and Board Members

  • President - Ed Staley
  • Vice-president - Russ Nicholas
  • Secretary - David Slater
  • Treasurer/Controller - Dolores Cotham
  • Show Chair - Carol Nelson (209-606-0309)
  • Advertising Chair - Lee Jones
  • At Large Member - Robert Van Aken
  • At Large Member - Judy Lang
  • At Large Member - Kenny Lang
  • At Large Member - Gordon Lee Boggs
  • At Large Member - Carole Israel Freeman
  • Elections are held annually at the October (beginning of the Fiscal Year) meeting. A maximum of 5 members are elected annually. Selections of Officers are selected annually from the pool of Board members.

Membership Information

  • $35/year – Regular member.
  • (As of October 2013, the Alternate Member class has been eliminated - all members are "Regular" members)

Membership meetings are held in April and October, site to be announced. Two more membership meetings are held on Sunday prior to the show starting in February and August.
(See contact page for information)